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I help business leaders create and deliver modern communication and messaging strategies with presence, power, and purpose.

3 Communications Strategies That Build Authority

Understanding how to communicate with a persuasive and powerful presence is an effective strategy to build authority, and establish your position as a leader. In an ever-changing digital world, it’s the key to leading in a more effective way.

This guide will give you three modern digital communication’s strategies that help any business leader communicate clearly and intentionally. Your consumers will understand what you offer, your team will pay closer attention, and all of it will lead to establishing your messaging.

“According to a study performed by Watson Wyatt, businesses with effective communication practices were more than 50 percent likely to report employee turnover levels below the industry average.”

My name is Benjamin Loh

 I am an executive coach, communication Jedi, and your best strategy to learn how to communicate with presence and power. 

As the founder of the Speaker’s Flare Training & Consultancy, a boutique consulting firm founded to empower business leaders to communicate persuasively, my role has been to guide leaders to discover how easy it can be to just be themselves and shine when they communicate. 

I focus on creating powerful communication and messaging strategies that build brands and cement leaders. I’m an award-winning, highly-certified communications expert that gets results for my clients. 

Pleasantly surprised to have come across Ben’s talk at NewCampus! It was such an enriching teaching session, where he shared many good tips on how to communicate better upwards, to peers and to those we manage ◡̈ it’s not easy to be as engaging, and yet make concepts as easily understandable.

Renita Sophia Crasta, Group Legal Counsel at Temasek Infrastructure Companies

I've heard and seen Ben in action during a Zoom webinar on leadership communications, and he is amazing! Inimitable and knowledgeable, yet personable and charming, Ben is able to engage the audience throughout his entire session and imparted invaluable and practical knowledge that all of us can use - even a grizzled old veteran and manager like me! Go hire him already!

Walter Lim, Chief Content Strategist

Benjamin provides the latter. He’s really smart & was able to very quickly identify and pinpoint the true underlying cause of what I thought was a speaking issue with direct, firm but kind approach, which is what I needed.

Petronella Lugemwa, Creative Director

Benjamin is a regular speaker at NewCampus and I'm so honoured and happy to work with such a world-class coach and speaker! He is funny, eloquent, can command a room and is a fantastic mentor for our colearners, providing the roadmaps with hilarious, personable anecdotes.

Lily Wu, Head of Learning at NewCampus

I wanted Benjamin and nobody else to come and coach the management team in Blockchain Zoo, because of the “miracle” he did 3 years ago by improving my pitching skills 10x, and 2) there is no better investment for a business (is it a one man show, or a large corporation), than perfecting communications. Every person that has participated in this 3 days workshop with Ben has come back to me with wonderful words and the eyes full of light for having finally “unlocked” a skill they were afraid of not having or not mastering well enough

Roberto Capodieci, Blockchain Tech Expert

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