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7 Deadly Mistakes Top Business Leaders Are Making In Their Business Presentations

As an Executive Public Speaking Coach and Professional Speaker, my job is to sit through presentations and dissect them. Having evaluated over 150 speeches and presentations, there are certain gaps in business presentations that keep surfacing time after time for many...

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Public Speaking Tip: How to Leave Your Audience In Stitches

In the field of public speaking, it has been said that, “if you can get your audience laughing, you can get them to do almost anything” This is because humour is disarming. It gets your audience and yourself on the same plane. It is liberating and creates a space for...

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5 Great Habits Successful Young Professionals Need to Develop

Gone are the days where it’s sufficient to graduate with a decent-enough degree, cruise along your new-found career and just check in and out at work. (Image quoted from WyoTech Student Website) Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn and author of 'The Startup of You',...

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[Case Studies] How to Write Winning Emails for Job Recommendations

It’s the graduating season for the college (university) seniors and most of them have undertaken one “major project”– finding jobs. These days, you either go through traditional job application process or tap into your networks for support. If you are actively looking...

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The Girl Who Made NUS Happier with a Ukelele

"Music can change the world because it can change people."  - Bono It is not everyday that we meet people who are deeply passionate about music. It is even more uncommon that you meet someone whom with the love of music,  spreads it to her community so others can...

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The “Disease” that Plagues Most Young People

One of my mentors, Kelvin, once said that the "disease" that plagues most people of my generation is restlessness. He believes that most of us live our lives like little children at the playground trying to build our own sandcastles. Sandcastles that can honor our own...

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Benjamin Loh

Benjamin Loh

Founder, Speaker’s Flare Training & Consultancy

As  a Public Speaking Trainer and Executive Speech Coach based in Singapore, I am here to guide my clients to discover how easy it can be to just be themselves and yet, shine when they speak in public.

I write and share content related to public speaking, professional development, networking, entrepreneurship, coaching and my occasional muses.

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