12 Pearls of Speaking and Business Wisdoms From 12 Asian CEOs [Part I]

What does it take to be an artful and effective communicator in Asia? How do you operate in diverse business contexts in Asia and inspire loyalty and buy-in from your people? What it takes for you to constantly stay in peak performance on stage and off? These were some of the questions that have been […]

Lesson of the day: I Bombed

Yes, I bombed (failed miserably) for a training session I delivered earlier on today. It was pretty bad considering that this assignment was a referral from my mentor. I did not deliver according to their brief sufficiently and while I was “engaging”, I wasn’t being relevant and couldn’t provide sufficient value. Not only that, the […]

A Singaporean Graduate’s Thoughts on PM Lee’s Paper Chase Advice

“Don’t go on a paper chase for qualifications or degrees, especially if they’re not relevant” When I graduated two years back with a Bachelor of Accountancy from Singapore Management University (SMU), I turned down offers from the Big Four accounting firms to join a lean American corporate sales training company as a sales associate. Wanting […]

Lesson of the day: What it means to love what you do.

I took some time out from client calling and proposal making to reflect on the brilliant and inspiring people I’ve met so far – in particular, the CEO personalities I’ve interviewed for my book – INSPIRIT – How Asian CEOs Inspire Action From The Stage. It would not be an understatement to say that they […]

3 Humbling Lessons I Learnt from LinkedIn’s First Hire in Asia

Earlier this week, I was privileged to have the opportunity to sit across the charismatic Hari Krishnan, Managing Director of LinkedIn Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) to interview him as a CEO Contributor for my book, INSPIRIT – How Asian CEOs Inspire Action From The Stage. As an Executive Public Speaking Coach, ‘INSPIRIT’ is a […]

7 Deadly Mistakes Top Business Leaders Are Making In Their Business Presentations

As an Executive Public Speaking Coach and Professional Speaker, my job is to sit through presentations and dissect them. Having evaluated over 150 speeches and presentations, there are certain gaps in business presentations that keep surfacing time after time for many top business leaders and executives I coach. (Michael Bay’s ‘meltdown’ at Samsung Press Conference, […]

[Case Studies] How to Write Winning Emails for Job Recommendations

It’s the graduating season for the college (university) seniors and most of them have undertaken one “major project”– finding jobs. These days, you either go through traditional job application process or tap into your networks for support. If you are actively looking for a job and someone does the favor of linking you up with […]

Advice from an ex-BCG Consultant – Four Ways to Manage Your Boss

Yes, you’ve heard me right — how do you manage your boss? As a young professional, it may not occur to you that for the sake of your own career development, you do need to manage your boss i.e. upward management. The dangers of not doing so – misaligned expectations, early career burnout and disillusionment. […]