Public Speaking Tip: How to Leave Your Audience In Stitches

In the field of public speaking, it has been said that, “if you can get your audience laughing, you can get them to do almost anything” This is because humour is disarming. It gets your audience and yourself on the same plane. It is liberating and creates a space for listening. And for the record, […]

3 Lessons I learnt as a Trainer when I got NUS Undergraduates to sell paper clips

“What? We have to go out there during our lunch break and sell paper clips? You’ve got to be kidding us!” This was the initial unanimous response from the group of undergraduates from the School of Computing (SoC) at the National University of Singapore (NUS) when I issued them a lunchtime challenge as part of […]

The Cycle of Doom in Speaking

Just last week, I was facilitating a corporate sales coaching session and the attendees were engineers, pre-sales consultants (sales engineers), and sales consultants. The session was an intriguing one in that the attendees threw out all the issues they were facing in the areas of small talk, sales and speaking. It didn’t come as a […]

The “Secret Sauce” of Engagement in Public Speaking

These days, I look forward to Monday mornings because of an Accounting class I have been enrolled into. Granted that the content of the class has a more qualitative slant (as opposed to a quantitative one) and I take to that more naturally, what really makes the difference and uplifts those dreaded early mornings… is […]

A Speaker’s Resolution

New year, as it suggests – that tinge of freshness and creation. Aptly enough, the New York Times (NYT) published an article on the last day of 2011 about recycled resolutions and what that entailed for businesses. The gist of the article was about how businesses, especially in the fitness and wellness industries, are cashing […]