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How Mispronunciation Will Hurt Your Credibility

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… (And How You Can Solve This Problem Easily)

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You see, I was coaching my Vietnamese client in sales presentations. She was the National Sales Director of a high tech chemicals firm and engaged me to help her in her sales presentations. Her clients were mostly from the US and UK. And with English not being her native language, it added an additional element of difficulty.

So you can imagine several sales roadblocks were in her way – language (in particular, vocabulary and pronunciation), speaking and presenting, communicating with senior management clients, persuasion and closing.

There was one conversation I particularly recall,

Director: We need to think of ‘klinds’ all the time
Ben: What do you mean? Are you referring to being kind?
Director: No, our ‘klinds’. The people who buy from us, if we don’t think of them, they will not be our ‘klinds’ tomorrow.

It took me a while to realize she had meant ‘clients’. And this exact mispronunciation is also prevalent in Singapore!

Although pronunciation and English aren’t my exact niches per se, helping my clients gain awareness of the correct pronunciation of various words is the first step in helping them be understood by their bosses and clients. I don’t dare profess to be an expert in English so I always have a reliable app on my iPhone and laptop with voice pronunciation. After all, if you are with a native English speaker, you don’t want to risk losing credibility over not knowing how to pronounce certain words.

A while back, I’ve compiled a list of commonly mispronounced words by my executive clients:

– Client
– Schedule
– Educate/Education/Educator
– Expedite
– Paradigm
– Commission

If you wonder why and how these words are mispronounced, then a dictionary will be your best friend on most days. But today, you’re in for a treat!

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