Why is Public Speaking Important?

One of the things that sets humans apart from other animals is how we are able to forge large societies despite the distance and cultural differences. As a collective, we’ve basically spent our time here on earth extending and strengthening our networks. Today, the third most visited site, Facebook, is established on the basic human […]

4 Best Practices CEOs and Public Speakers Can Learn from Athletes

What struggles do CEOs and public speakers have in common with athletes? For one, there’s the problem of nerves. Part of my work as a public speaking coach is helping entrepreneurs overcome their fear of speaking in public, which according to one widely-quoted survey, was worse than dying. Athletes like Lionel Messi and Hall of […]

How to Make Your Organization More Millennial-friendly ?

Millennials are known for having complicated views about work and their employers. And that’s putting it lightly. While they’ve been stereotyped as lazy, inept, and impatient, they’re also a generation with unprecedented grievances. This includes enormous amounts of student debt, greater obstacles to home ownership, and the worsening problem of income inequality. This has led […]

5 CEOs who use Public Speaking to Shape their Company Culture

One key ingredient for business success is the ability to communicate the vision and mission of a company. Strategic thinking, industry knowledge, vision, and the ability to adapt swiftly — these are all qualities that set leaders apart. But the modern CEO has evolved to become the face of the company, or the figurehead whom shareholders, employees, […]

9 steps to sell to someone more influential than you

As a public speaking trainer and Millennials Coach, one of the questions I often get is how to reach out to influential people. After all, in business, it’s not always what you know, but who you know. This is especially true for millennial business owners, who can benefit tremendously from the tactical advantages of having […]

7 Deadly Mistakes Top Business Leaders Are Making In Their Business Presentations

As an Executive Public Speaking Coach and Professional Speaker, my job is to sit through presentations and dissect them. Having evaluated over 150 speeches and presentations, there are certain gaps in business presentations that keep surfacing time after time for many top business leaders and executives I coach. (Michael Bay’s ‘meltdown’ at Samsung Press Conference, […]