What I Learnt After Getting Cs and Ds During My University Days

This was the result from my first semester’s academic transcript in my first year of university. When I received my first C- in my academic career as an undergraduate, I was awfully disappointed. But in looking back, I always thought it was one of the best things that have happened to me. Let me tell […]

Lesson of the day: I Bombed

Yes, I bombed (failed miserably) for a training session I delivered earlier on today. It was pretty bad considering that this assignment was a referral from my mentor. I did not deliver according to their brief sufficiently and while I was “engaging”, I wasn’t being relevant and couldn’t provide sufficient value. Not only that, the […]

The One Lesson I learnt from getting rejected by P&G

[quote]“Congratulations Benjamin, you’re in for the final round of your interview. Now, be on your way up and you’ll meet our Business Development Director,” said the line manager.[/quote] It was my last interview of a series of six rounds of assessments for the graduate program (in Customer Business Development (CBD)) at Procter & Gamble (P&G). […]

The Girl Who Made NUS Happier with a Ukelele

“Music can change the world because it can change people.”  – Bono It is not everyday that we meet people who are deeply passionate about music. It is even more uncommon that you meet someone whom with the love of music,  spreads it to her community so others can likewise immerse in the experience and […]

A 25-year-old’s musing – Growing up, taking flight and stepping out in Singapore

Growing Up Two days ago, it was the 9th of August. The day we commemorate Singapore’s independence. I still recall in those days when I was studying in St. Andrew’s Junior School (thumbnail image for Woodsville Campus), the day before National Day was always a joyous affair – no lessons (Physical Education (PE) or otherwise) […]

What I Learnt from Regrets

One of my mentors, Kelvin, once shared with me during a coaching session, “Regret is being aware of the gap between ‘what is’ and ‘what could be’ and then being present to the emotions that surface as a result of that gap” Too often in our lives, we look back at certain poignant junctures of […]

The Cycle of Doom in Speaking

Just last week, I was facilitating a corporate sales coaching session and the attendees were engineers, pre-sales consultants (sales engineers), and sales consultants. The session was an intriguing one in that the attendees threw out all the issues they were facing in the areas of small talk, sales and speaking. It didn’t come as a […]

What I wish I knew (earlier) when I first stepped into University

Have you ever had situations where you would greatly look forward to a certain defining event or moment in your life? One that would allow you to rationalize for all that you’ve put in (or lost) along the journey is worth the while, one that would mark the peak of your bundles of expectation and […]

The time for us to heed the call

For someone who grew up as a helpless victim of bullying, “peaceful” wouldn’t be a word I would use to describe the world as. The lens which I looked at the world was topsy-turvy and warped – literally because of the fact of how antagonists would flip me around in those futile tussles and analogically, […]